The Thomas Generalized Recountings Library

[Barring unusual circumstance, status updates shall come on Tuesdays]

[>>>12 September 2021 - Just an update for update’s sake - some personal stuff is presently shaking things up. Won’t be disappearing as such, or halting writing, necessarily - but might temporarily step out the door for a while. Not entirely sure of exact duration, could be no time at all actually, could be a month; can’t tell right now. God bless in the interim, will be back before too long.]

[31 August 2021 - Revenant Faith and Foreign Pilgrimage's arc "Tunnel, Tunnel, Bright, Bright" is under construction in its second part and editing in its first]

[31 August 2021 - A Bygone Mineral Empire is now available and subject to periodic and whimsical updates]


Here may one find tales of the real manifold gem, the Beings of Old whose actions so mightily sway its course, and the external climes.

To readers: suggestions are good, criticisms are great, questions are superlative, but profanity is to be avoided if you please.

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