The Thomas Generalized Recountings Library

>>>[SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENTS: The Thomas Generalized Recountings Library's curator is experiencing some unusual life circumstances at present; due to this and other factors, the Library is going to be moving to a new platform soon, and will experience some significant changes as a result - your patience is appreciated]

[Barring unusual circumstance, status updates shall come on Tuesdays]

>[24 January 2023]

>[Currently doing lore/documentation/chronicling pass-throughs of The Simulacrum of Dread, progress has picked up again and is at A Dreaded Matrimony; some side project stuff also underway]


Stories of the fantastic and mercurial, tales of all stripes.

Should you read, should you heed, we greatly appreciate the seeding of word-of-mouth or other forms of sharing our offerings.

Welcome to the Thomas Generalized Recountings Library.


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