A Bygone Mineral Empire

Submitted by elliott on Sat, 08/28/2021 - 15:48

When the planet Earth's dominant species is close to being slain by a viral sword, several organizations make hard decisions. The industrial titan Paper Metal decides to preserve a bud of the human race, and store it for later replanting. Their expectations include the survivors waking up and possibly needing to inoculate themselves against a later mutated strain of illness, maybe rediscovering how to live in preindustrial society. Their expectations do not include a hibernation of roughly seventy millennia. Nor do those of the planet's other since-risen sentient species. Many expectations great and small will have to be set aside in the name of survival, civilization, and the timeless truth that what is pleasant, what is easy, and what is good do not often overlap.

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Listings of segments lie below:


Timeline - the beginning of the described events falls in an extrafacetary year with a complex coefficient corresponding to the standard date of:

??th age, ??th eon, ??th cycle, ??th period, ??th era, ??th epoch, ??th year




  1. Promoted Best Friends
  2. Opened Cans
  3. For the Love of Monsters
  4. And the Earth Disgorged
  5. Marine Biotics
  6. A Thing Living I Did Dream
  7. Isles and Hills of Dogs
  8. Argent Plated Handshake
  9. ...

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