Willabarm Classifications


The Willabarm Classification of Interaction Events is a system that denotes - shockingly - a network of taxa for different kinds of interaction events. The subject has been provably confusing to generations of aspiring extrafacetary metaphysicists for at least several quintillion years, and probably less-than-provably for considerably longer than that. Hopefully, people shall still be around to be confused by the subject quintillions of years after present extrafacetary day. Also: keep in mind that most occurrences that lie outside circumstances specifically constructed for winning arguments will involve more than one kind of these classifications of events.

Type negative-one, ambiguous or undefinable

Type one, entity-self

Type two, entity-entity

Type three, entity-object

Type four, entity-process

Type five, entity-law

Type six, entity-form

Type seven, entity-transcendent

Type eight, entity-intrafacet

Type nine, entity-interfacet

Type ten, entity-proxy-entity

Type eleven, entity-proxy-law

Type twelve, entity-proxy-transcendent