Tale Repository Directory


Here, a signpost serves to point the way to various places of interest.

Many of these shall eventually make their way to the Web Fiction Guide's community, a la the shelves of ElliottThomasStaude, or the RoyalRoad repository of Elliott Staude, or other listings.

The Simulacrum of Dread, a story of the rise of Sebastio Artaxerxes to power as the wielder-host of the Maker's relic Caladhbolg.

Mourners, Abednego, Persistence, a story of the estate of Pennat Gate and its growing pains.

Industry of Any Ant, a collection detailing a series of encounters experienced by Laila Gnulthep in her role as sub-registrar at the university of Weguerreguwregerr. [hiatus]

Revenant Faith and Foreign Pilgrimage, a story of the forming of the bond between pioneer Eihks Richard and prophetess Ktsn Wdondf Daephod. [in-progress]

Resuscitation, a story of the undeath and origin of Eihks Richard. [to be enfolded in a collection of shorter vignettes - arriving later]

More tales shall follow.


Other material, outside of the Library but notable:

Fuji, a fantastic feudal Japanese tale that is one part mythology, one part historical fiction, and at least three parts worth reading. {by the excellent Admiralmonkeyman; one minor derivative contribution pitched in from a person named Elliott}